Private Escort Guys – What Sexual Satisfaction Truly Means To Women

Thc5ac1ccd254e34d4048de76ba7f6911fe word “satisfaction” can mean a lot of things to different people. Some derive satisfaction from achieving lofty goals and objectives, while others take pleasure in enjoying the simple pleasures of life. In terms of sex however, guys and girls have their own ideas too, of what truly constitutes “satisfying sex”. Here’s a brief look at what sexual satisfaction truly means to women.

What Exactly Is “Satisfying” Sex?

If you think that women derive pleasure from having well-built, well-sculpted and truly adorable Private Escort Guys in bed with them, well  of course that is right. However, it’s not as simple as that for some ladies.

According to the author of the popular book “The Joy of Sex”, sex “should be a truly satisfying link between two affectionate people, from which they emerge, rewarded, not anxious and ready for more”.

Some sex experts and researchers also stress that sexual satisfaction is not just plain physical pleasure, but it also involves the overall feeling that’s left after considering all the pros and cons of all our sexual relationships.

What Do Women Consider Sexually Satisfying?

In a study that was published in the Journal of Sex Research in September 2013, researchers asked women and men how they define true sexual satisfaction, whether it was related to personal sexual well-being or the stuff they experienced with their partner.

For some women, the idea of erotic satisfaction was not about the act itself, but what leads up to it, and how it makes them feel. This means that these women prefer  lots of caressing, touching, slow kisses and a lot of nice foreplay too, before doing the deed.

For other women, erotic satisfaction is derived when their man does not stop when he’s finished, but ensures that she is very satisfied too. For some ladies, an exploration of each other’s physical desires with reciprocation and respect is what’s truly satisfying.

But you don’t necessarily need to be in love to meet someone’s erotic satisfaction, because the sexual act should just be elevated to an erotically-charged and explosive level.

In the 2013 sexual satisfaction survey, only a few subjects mentioned words or terms like “arousal”, “orgasm” or desire” in their description of sensual satisfaction.

Instead, what was mentioned by many participants was the word “mutuality”, which meant that most women had a high regard of their partner’s pleasure, and their partner’s satisfaction also became a key indicator of their own erotic pleasure too.

Many women also agreed that attaining a balance between one’s own, and one’s partner’s, desired frequency or level of sexual activity, was also one of the major indicators of sexual satisfaction.

For many women, true sexual satisfaction also means having a healthy emotional compatibility with their partner, or with their preferred Private Guys Escorts. This deep-seated connection of sorts is needed by most ladies, because it enables them to feel a deep and uplifting connection during their intimate moments. And of course, the ensuing passion would also lead the way to more explosive and mind-blowing orgasms for both partners.