Private Escort Guys – Know What Sensual Satisfaction Really Means


You don’t know what sensual satisfaction really is until you have tasted my service. Numerous clients prefer the company of Private Escort Guys like me for an experience that’s truly remarkable beyond words. Wouldn’t you be drooling with this?

“While in the privacy of her fabulous bedroom, I could smell my gorgeous date’s breath which was laced with zesty, sweet cinnamon. Without words, we exchanged hot kisses, her tongue probing deep inside my mouth, ploughing my taste buds. I let her freely express her whims, her blazing fingers squeezing my swelling rod almost too hard.”

Building The Heat Up

“Taste me”, was all she could muster while spreading her legs wide apart. In no time, my face was buried between her thighs, slowly tracing her moist portal with my warm tongue up and down. I stimulated her clit like I was licking ice cream. Oh boy, she was so delicious inside, nothing fancy, just sheer beauty!

I couldn’t let out a groan as my voice was muted in her crotch. I only mustered a series of incoherent exclamations as my way of acknowledging this dripping delicacy in my mouth while my thumb was combing her thick pubic hair.

I stroked, kissed and rubbed her sweet smelling cunt to her delight while my fingers traced the outline of her erect buds, then I moved upwards to savour her nipples. In return, she swallowed hungrily my rock hard tool.

Raging Action In Her Behind

Then, in an invitation, she pulled away from me and turned over on all fours, while her hand caressed her dripping pussy. This time, I felt my body needed release. I positioned myself behind her and plunged my member deep inside her supple body.

She let out a seductive scream as she felt that I had reached her bottom. Only the sound of my balls slapping against her clit can be heard. I took her hard and fast, then exploded a lusty shot toward her womb. The beast inside me was unleashed; passion and heat are now taking over my actions.

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