Nick Wilde – Private Male Touring Escort

State: Queensland
Suburb: Hamilton Is.
City: & Whitsunday Coast
Touring: Yes
Height: 5'8 ½”
Size: 68kg
Hair: Short Jet Black
Age: Timeless
Eyes: Hazel
Mobile: email first
Email: Nick
Private Guys Nick Wilde  QLD

Private Male Escort - Nick Wilde

Private Guys Nick Wilde  QLD

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About Me

I don’t sleep with people for money. I have ongoing designer-relationships with women by donation. Not just because I’m in tune with what women want and need, but because I can’t stand one time things. I’m the Keynes of the pleasure economy, and by no means a show pony. You get what you pay for, and what you see is exactly what you get. I’m an excellent listener and I pride myself on my attention to detail.

I like Queensland most but will travel with notice. The people and the legalities of the business are extremely relaxed in the sunshine state from as far north as Port Douglas to this side of the tweed and in New South Wales from the other side of the tweed to as far south as Wollongong, I’m only one man and I can only cover so much ground, and yes I will visit regional areas albeit at a premium, Cairns, Townsville and Rockhampton for instance. I value loyalty, longevity and love. All plans are personalized to suit you and are all available on retainer. The more you contribute the better your incentives and the better deal I am able to give you. On retainer, your communications take priority over and above new inquiries.

I tour year round with exclusions to religious and school holidays. Monday-Saturday 9am – 11pm. I sell the fantasy, live the dream and deliver the reality. Race, socioeconomic status and body shape are no barrier, I love all my clients in my own special way and I never feel pressured to label it.

Profession, domestic situation and past are no excuse. We’re all human beings with feelings, desires and needs. All I’m interested in is how we got to now. Potential side effects from my services may include a profound personal revelation, a moment of epiphany or the discovery of your hidden potential, feelings of intense warmth, moisture build-up and total sexual satisfaction.

My methods are unconventional, my approach unorthodox and I guarantee you won’t be able to argue with the results, think of me as your guardian angel. I offer a personalized intensive treatment, an emotionally, mentally and physically immersive form of therapy and relationship coaching blended together seamlessly that you determine the pace of by virtue of your actions. You’ll never need a boyfriend, a psychologist or a romance novel ever again.

Stop hoping, stop over-analyzing, stop fantasizing and start living. No fear, no distractions, no excuses, just do it. The man of your dreams is only an email away. Be heard. Be held. Be horny. Be desire. Become desirable. Be desired. Have E.L James quality romance. Have porn-star quality sex and still be respected and valued the morning after. Have the kind of sex life worth bragging about and the kind of intimacy you’ve only read about in badly written mummy porn.

Aren’t you tired of slumming it in bars, aren’t you over the loud and noisy club scene, aren’t you deserving of something better and brighter? Something more intimate and personal that doesn’t end in someone throwing up food they can’t even remember eating, chewing off their own arm to get away the morning after or taking a long walk of shame in the harsh and sobering light of day?

Conversation…seduction…romance… what are you missing? Sugar… spice or garnish? What do you need to keep your life fresh? Allow yourself the freedom to be my passion, you won’t regret it.

Private Guys Nick Wilde  QLD

Price List

Fifty Shades of Grey:
A romantic and sexy overnight with everything included and by everything I mean soft music playing, rose petals scattered across the bed and in the bathroom, candlelight and a single red rose. Includes a complimentary chilled bottle of French Champagne on arrival, where a selection of canapes and chocolate-dipped strawberries await you. There will be exotic bath and toiletry products waiting for you in the bathroom, and a private servant will run the bath for you. In addition to a beautifully presented bottle of red wine, the room service breakfast is complimentary and check-out isn’t before noon. Limousine pick-up optional from as little as $209 a week.
$1499 – $2499 Brisbane
$1875 – $3125 – Melbourne
$2249 – $3750 Sydney

Fifty Shades Darker:
A decidedly more fetish-based experience available in half day or overnight packages. Stay in a boutique hotel with a modern edge for the half-day package or a boutique hotel with old world charm for the full day package though full days inevitably turn into near sleepless overnights and half days normally end in dinner. The half day includes a complimentary basic bondage hobby kit, whereas the full day session comes complete with a more personalized class of accoutrements too naughty to mention here, from as little as $156 a week.
$925 – $1875 Brisbane
$1150 – $2350 Melbourne
$1390 – $2820 Sydney

Fifty Shades Freed:
A breakfast, lunch or dinner date totalling 3-4 hours with fifty shades of social time and fifty shades of intimate time. Breakfast is 9am-12pm, lunch is 12pm-3pm and dinner is 6pm-9pm under normal circumstances Monday – Friday though weekends can be arranged with advanced notice. Bookings of this nature have a tendency to run overtime more often than not…

Breakfast with a Bang
Breakfast is a fairly casual and unrushed affair depending on whether you would rather a continental, buffet or simply a hot meal first thing in the morning. Personally I’m quite partial to pancakes. Total booking time is about 3.5 hours including a meal, sensual showers for two and playtime from as little as $50 a week.

$550 Brisbane
$770 Sydney

Lovely Lunch Liaison
Lunch is generally a busier and more rushed period in a more formal setting at a slightly better class of restaurant that could vary from counter service to table service, from pub grub to a trendy upmarket restaurant depending on your palette. Total booking time is 3.5 hours including a meal and a glass of wine, a shower for two and playtime from as little as $70 a week.
$770 Brisbane
$990 Sydney

Devious Dinner Date
Dinner is always a popular choice and is inevitably the busiest time – it can be a casual occasion or a formal one, reservations will be taken care of in advance in line with your preferred cuisine. I will organize the restaurant. Total booking time is just shy of three hours including a bottle of wine and a meal; return cab fare to the hotel, a steamy shower for two plus playtime from as little as $90 a week.
$990 Brisbane
$1100 Sydney

A simple no-fuss coffee meet. You can ask me any questions you like, to determine whether I am suitable to fulfil your needs. Think of it as an interview. The typical coffee date lasts between 30-45 minutes and includes coffee and cake my treat. This is for you the client, to determine whether or not we can do business and for me, your own personal Mr. Grey, to assess your individual needs and expectations. I’m not a hearts and flowers kind of man… available from as little as $15 a week.
$150-$180 Brisbane
$225 – $275 Sydney

Progressive Food Safari
Available Monday-Wednesday 9am-5pm on tour in assorted flavours with a minimum of 3 stops from Chocoholics’ Anonymous and Coffee Connoisseurs to Tastes of Europe and Asian Persuasion. Prices and venues are subject to change depending on what kind of progressive food safari you would like me to arrange. All meals are shared for intimacy and taste. Prices start at $90 an hour all-inclusive from the first seating to the last. Recommended for those who have a highly social appetite and a sweet tooth to match. From as little as $59 a week.
Full day Brisbane $700
Full day Sydney $1400

Bang Bang
Simple. No fuss. No touchy feely shite. No romantic attachments. Your clothes will be ripped off and your body will be liberated from its fabric prison. You’ll be manhandled and thrown into the showers, scrubbed clean with an angry loofah and efficiently dried off. Then you’ll be led by the hand and laid flat on an oversized plush blanket where you will experience 45 minutes of oral and 45 minutes of penetration. Total booking time 2-hours. From as little as $100 a week.
$600-$800 Brisbane
$800-$1000 Sydney

Boyfriend On A Budget
Think of it as a practical approach to relationship coaching. The service is 80% non-sexual and results are performance based. I will spend the day preparing a home-cooked romantic dinner in line with your preferences, although the date officially starts at 6pm. I’m a very good listener. You can talk my ear off. A bottle of red or white is included, or if you don’t drink sprite or coke is also available. My specialties include slow cooked crocodile tail fillet curry, kangaroo steak damper rolls with outback BBQ sauce, a camel cheeseburger on toasted ciabatta and a few other unique Australian dishes with a European twist for flair. I am also quite versed in preparing swordfish, venison and goat with a side of lean greens and root vegetables using a series of dry and wet techniques utilizing a variety of marinades and spices. There will also be 4 dessert options on offer including ice cream or gelato. Then you’ll be given a choice of a movie or a TV series and shown to either a luxurious couch or a very large plush blanket whereby we can get our snuggle on after dinner and dessert has concluded. Personally I’m partial to most things Adult Swim and I love a good britcom like Fawlty Tours or Black Books. The first date is foreplay only. The second date is foreplay plus oral and should you book three dates we end up sleeping together from as little as $70 a week.
$1050 – $2825 – $3600 Brisbane
$1575 – $3650– $5300 Melbourne
$2000 – $4475 – $5900 Sydney

Boyfriend On A Budget Plus Plan
Similar to the Boyfriend on a Budget experience with a few additional extras including but not limited to golden showers, fisting, toys and fetish equipment thrown into the mix for good measure. A calculated combination relationship simulation that is equal parts coaching and counselling to maintain your strengths and identify your weaknesses in relationships. This sort of arrangement has a maximum 3 sessions before you must transfer to another package. Results are performance based. To add that extra layer of complexity and challenge you may attempt to seduce me into sleeping with you before the third date, but keep in mind I do this for a living and there’s a good chance your entire playbook will be perfectly transparent from as little as $87 a week.
$1299 – $2900 – $4500 Brisbane
$1625 – $3625 – $5625 Melbourne
$1950 – $4350 – $6750 Sydney

Deluxe Relationship Experience
Includes 1 x introductory coffee meet (45 minutes), 1 x Lunch/Dinner Date (180 minutes) with 1.5 hours social time and 1.5 hours intimate time and 1 overnight over the course of 12 months from the initial booking date. Separately these services would cost you at minimum $5,000 but if you can commit to the Deluxe Relationship Bundle you get a minimum 20% off from as little as $59 a week.
$3000 Brisbane
$3750 Melbourne
$4500 Sydney

Expectant Mothers, Unexpected Surprises
Are you 2-8 months pregnant and crazy horny? I’ll give you an eight-hour date you’ll never forget at a rate that won’t be beaten. Includes 2 meals, 2 jugs of soft drink, 4 hours of intimate time and four hours of social time featuring a bio oil and colloidal silver body rub. Package begins and ends with a meal, predominantly brunch and dinner, now that’s the kind of B&D we all like. Available weekdays on tour from as little as $75 per week.
$895 – $1795 Brisbane
$1395 – $2695 Sydney

Upper-Middle Bogan Experience
Includes 4 overnights in 4.5 star accommodation and the 5th is free over the course of 12 months from the initial booking date. Dinner is at a working class pub with good food and counter service in the CBD. Available from as little as $97 per week.
$5000 Brisbane
$7500 Melbourne
$10,000 Sydney

Corporate Platinum Package
Inclusive 9 overnights and the 10th is free over the course of 12 months from the initial booking date. Take precedence over Tour bookings, skip the queue and receive a better class of accommodation from as little as $342 per week.
$17,770 Brisbane
$22,212 Melbourne
$26,665 Sydney

Arabian Nights:
Includes 6 half days or overnights for you and five friends for the price of 4, when booked at least three weeks in advance of my next tour. Available from as little as $138 per person per week.
$5000– $10,000 Brisbane
$7500 – $12,500 Melbourne
$7500 – $15,000 Sydney

De Sade’s Deluxe D/s
A very intense fetish session for beginners, available in quarter, half or full days at special rates because it’s the part of the job I’m unashamed to say I enjoy the absolute most. The more time you allow the more intimate your session will be. All full day sessions include Breakfast at the Crepe Café and a complimentary bottle of French Champagne Rates dependent on cost of room and equipment and all half day sessions receive a complimentary copy of Venus in Furs or Story of O. Discounts given for multiple sessions booked.


Red Room Rendezvous:
This experience is limited to the adventurous and fearless who really want to get up close and personal. Includes a Fifty Shades of Grey show bag chock-a-block full of official merch and masks to protect your identity. The package is available in half day or full day sessions. You can let things unfold organically or a scene can be written exclusively for you. When all is said and done you may keep the video as a souvenir. The half day ends with a late lunch and full day concludes with an early dinner available from as little as $150 per week for the half day and $291 per week for the full day.
$1800 – $3500 Brisbane
$3600 – $7000 Sydney

I cater to pre-op FTM trans and post-op MTF trans with an open mind because I am all about inclusive exclusivity within a framework of limited availability.

I work roughly 240 days of the year and have 120 vacancies annually for new and existing clients, ultimately repeat business is preferred and encouraged! I lose five and a half months to school holidays, religious holidays, and the two biggest footy matches of the year, a week for the AFL and a week for the NRL. February-March is uniformly and without doubt my quiet time along with the week after schoolies up until two weeks prior to Christmas and I may be able to offer standby rates during these periods. Outside these times, advanced notice is essential if you don’t want to miss out. I tour in six to eight week rotations for no more than 14 days during which time I have a maximum 7 vacancies and for regular clients who make 4 or more appointments per year, a VIP-FIFO rate can be arranged outside the touring schedule dates.

Should you decide to cancel your booking, there will be no refund issued. Should you fail to attend the booking once made, a 25% surcharge will be added on to your next booking to make up for my loss of time and effort, unless you can produce a medical certificate explaining why you failed to attend. The only excuses I deem acceptable are a contagious disease or the death of a family member, marriage breakdown and pets do not count. No minors, no husbands, no animals, no exceptions.

If a regular or VIP client should cancel there is always the distinctive possibility you could pick up their booking at their rate. There is always the possibility it could work out significantly cheaper for you if money is a concern. The room will have already been prepped and the reservation will have already been made so there’s no point wasting it.

Contact Allowances
New clients are given a 50 email per 12-week allowance
Intermediate clients are given a 50 email per four week allowance.
VIPs are given a 50 email per week allowance as well as priority in the queue and special incentives.
* To qualify for VIP status you must make a minimum 4 bookings per calendar year.
* If you exceed your allowance $3.99 per additional message will be added to your invoice. Any unused messages will carry over until your next booking within that three month period.
*Replies theoretically unlimited

Individual Remuneration Schedules
All donations are to be made via bank deposit in AUD and are inclusive of GST. Weekly or fortnightly instalments are preferred over and above lump sums. Out of fairness to all my clientele, if you are ahead of your remuneration schedule you will be bumped up the queue as a thank you, and if you fail to make a payment on time your position in the queue will be demoted accordingly. Bank statements checked every Tuesday and Friday. Advanced bookings highly recommended to avoid disappointment as availability is strictly limited due to high demand.

The Wilde Time Guarantee
As the only straight male escort, and the only male escort in Queensland who advertises professionally online (and believe me, I’ve looked), I value my clientele and I treat them all like extended family. To this end, I have a loyalty program in place for those who like to spend quality time with someone special. As my client you will receive the best service money can buy, as my lover and when you have committed a certain number of hours to the relationship you will be given personalized gifts at important milestones equal to a percentage of how much you have spent with me.
Service and luxury delivered with authenticity and complexity. Romances and seductions tailored to suit your tastes and budget in your city and on your schedule. All you have to do is switch off your iPhone and say yes. Say yes to a powerful human connection and yes to intimacy. Yes to turning off your cell phone and oh god yes to turning yourself on instead. Turn off your devices and switch on your vices.

All packages include personalized KPIs and relationship milestones for long-term clients. Once you commit 50hrs (in person) to the relationship, regardless of how much you have spent I will give you a 20% discount for the lifetime of my services and a few other highly desirable benefits that you will just have to find out for yourself. I choose to see between 12-48 clients per year as I prefer ongoing relationships and fetish-based lifestyle services to sex-for-pay because I honestly couldn’t think of anything more mind-numbing or mechanical.

Numerology, tarot, hypnotherapy, guided meditation, intuitive counselling, sexual astrology mapping, personalized poems, toasts, speeches and erotic prose, NLP, life coaching, emotional release therapy, inner child work, past relationship pattern recognition and future relationship need assesments, inner goddess workshops and relationship intensive workshops Make-Up, Money & Men (and what they have in common) Workshop, relationship coaching, erotic photography.

Explanatory Note
I have listed Melbourne prices for the convenience of clients based in Melbourne, however I never work or tour there under any circumstances, however I do see all my Melbourne clients in Brisbane or Sydney if given enough notice or Hamilton Island on short notice as there are direct flights in and out of Hamilton Island daily.

If you have a question that I haven’t covered here, feel free to email me with any inquiries you may have.

Private Guys Nick Wilde  QLD


Companionship & Sensual Healing

Numerology & Rune Casting

Tarot Readings (your choice of Rider Waite or Thoth Decks)

Intuitive Counselling

Guided Meditation & Tantric

Sexual Astrology Mapping

Personalized poems, toasts, speeches and erotic prose (very reasonably priced)

Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching

Energy & Breath Work

Emotional Release Therapy & Inner Child Work

Past Relationship Pattern Recognition & Future Relationship Needs Assessment

Holistic Therapies, Alternative Medicines & Natural Remedies

Inner Goddess Workshops & Relationship Intensive Workshops

Make-Up, Money & Men (and what they have in common) Workshop

Relationship Coaching – How to attract the man of your dreams

Erotic Photography (great alibi or gift for your hubby… he’ll appreciate it and he won’t suspect a thing… taken with your device or mine, all photos are kept for 14 business days then destroyed.)

Full Body Massage (with your choice of oils and incense)

Indian Head Massage / Yonic Massage / Reflexology Foot Rub

Hydrotherapy with complimentary facial (Tone/Cleanse, Exfoliate & Moisturize)

S&M / D&S

Functions & Formal Occasions (with notice)

Brunch / Lunch & Dinner Dates available from 90 minutes to 3 hours

Overnight Bookings welcome – tailored to the individual (sleep optional)

FF Couples (1st lady full rate 2nd lady ½ price)

Group Bookings (Hen’s Nights, Girl’s Weekends etc)

Private Guys Nick Wilde  QLD

When can we play?

I am currently available most times with advance notice


Once connection is made, I will provide you with a mobile number.


Nick Wilde, Independent Male Escort, Male Companion for Females, Qld.

Private Guys Nick Wilde  QLD


Click to send us your REVIEW for ESCORT Nick – and send via email

Nick was elegance walking arm in arm with all things witty and charming. He possessed too much style for one man, and worse still, he knew me better than I knew myself. He taught me to harness my sexual urges and not just to give into the guy I was with and act like I was enjoying it when really I wanted to scream. He taught me to say no and to demand what I want for a change. I soon learned that that my fantasies weren’t wrong.

Now I can’t even go to the bathroom without thinking about taking him between my legs. He invades my every waking thought and haunts my dreams, like a dark prince I’ve never known.I never knew I could indulge my kinky side until he showed me how and he showed me fast. He truly does have a gift for extra sensual perception.

I know thanks to him, I can have any man I want. Now they all seem to bow to me, and I haven’t the faintest idea why. Nick knows all the right things to say and when to say them. He makes all the right moves, knows all the good spots and when to push them. He really is heaven on earth, a dream come true.

I really don’t know how to describe him. To know him is to love him. He loves to be loved, and he loves to give love to those who he feels deserve it.

Lustfully yours,

Anastasia S. 2012


Those who do not like him fall into two categories, the dubious and the envious. Nick proved himself a true 21st century gentlemen, well worth every penny. He read me like a book – and his commitment to the quality of to service was second to none. This man is a rare triumph of nature over artifice and I will certainly be recommending him to friends in the near future, based on the length and skill of his tongue alone!

It’s amazing how much he knew about me, even in terms of music taste. I’m a lyrics girl, and a dreamer and I think he knew. I’ve never known such a sweet, caring, compassionate and intuitive human being in all my life. I’ve never felt so comfortable with someone, so quickly. He was witty, charming and well endowed where you need him to be.

I am a busy woman, with a very busy life, and my husband had lost all interest in me. My sex drive and self-confidence where at rock bottom. I was originally quite nervous and not sure what to expect, but Nick put me at ease with a warm and loving embrace. It was the most memorable weekend of my life, second only to U2’s latest concert. He helped me rediscover what mind-blowing sex is, especially orally.

I have never felt so alive, even my husband is suddenly starting to notice how inconspicuously radiant my skin looks, but he’ll never know my secret. I’ve already pre-booked my next tryst – I still want more of his delicious body. He sure knows how to make a girl feel special; he hits all the right notes so effortlessly. I can see why he’s so expensive – and so totally worth it.


– Althea F. Dec 2010

Nick was devilishly hot and handsome, not to mention thick down under.  I loved running my fingers through his hairy chest and thick black hair, it felt like cashmere to touch.  What amazed me most, he made me squirt… and I’d never done that before. He was passionate and made love like a demon possessed. He is by far the kindest and gentlest guy I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Thanks for hanging out Nicky. Look forward to doing it again real soon! Mwah!

Private Male Escort in Queensland - Nick Wilde

Private Male Escort in Queensland - Nick Wilde


Escort Etiquette & Information

Nick Wilde Private Male Escort in Queensland